The Top 5 Challenges For Learning And Development Professionals

What are your top 5 challenges as a learning and development professional going into 2018? After a discussion with a few that we know I share some of theirs.

Before I get into this, I encourage you to look up Mara Gleason (pictured above) and her business One Thought. Gleason and her team travel the world listening and speaking to individuals in business discussing and identifying their stresses, frustrations and feelings of being victims of circumstance. One Thought explain that those feelings can be turned around, that “the only thing we can ever be up against in life is our state of mind in the moment: we live not in a world of circumstances, systems and other people, but in a world of our own transient thinking”.

Why is that important?

With a change of mindset and providing clarity of mind, her format directly impacts business outcome (and dramatically improves health, home life and friendships) of the individual. It is a discussion and programme first brought to the fore by Sydney Banks originally from Edinburgh (Leith) later living in Western Virginia (USA).

As an L&D professional you will inevitably be faced with a number of challenges and a long to-do list. To be more effective there needs to be focus and determination to see through those priorities. From conversations with senior HR professionals and those challenged particularly with the learning and development of business teams, I have assembled a list that identifies the elements they see as key points to consider going into 2018.

1. Dealing with change: Organisational change is more common than ever. Dealing with changes due to mergers, acquisitions, technology, budgets and staffing are the top challenges cited by those that I spoke with.

2. Developing Leaders: Many work environments are complex, diverse and demanding. It is crucial for organisations to develop leaders at every level; from the front lines to the CEO in order to support its success.

3. Engaging Learners: As an L&D professional you have to communicate the value of learning and development. All too often, other urgent tasks or priorities seem to win out. It’s a challenge to get learners to attend, actively participate, and follow through.

4. Skills Application: Discovering the “stickiness” or sustainability of a training program is challenging. L&D professionals are tasked with finding and implementing effective ways to ensure skills are learned and applied in the real work environment.

5. Improving Learning Effectiveness: Teaching learners effectively is important. There are a considerable number of topics to cover and many require unique delivery methods in order for solid skill development to occur. It is important to ask the right questions and identify the desired outcomes when planning each training session.

At GWOF we have a unique and effective product in ROCKET that meets all of these challenges however our solution may not be right for you – does it meet your values? Would you be better finding solutions that speak to individuals one-on-one as opposed to a group? Are you interested in scaling your business?

If you would like to learn more about the best ways to upskill your staff, use the link below.