The Top 5 Challenges For Learning And Development Professionals

What are your top 5 challenges as a learning and development professional in 2019? After discussion with several L&D Leaders we know, we share some of their priorities.

How To Be The New McDreamy In Business

An abundance of new research has been undertaken looking into the benefits of neuroscience upon leadership training. AGES Neuroleadership is one technique that suggests science can make leadership stick. How? Well, neuroscientists know how the brain works. Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy proves this. Leaders know how businesses work. But how can learning stay constant? Let’s become […]

Charities in Scotland Drive Commercial Success

With economic uncertainty hitting donations and government and council grants being cut, charities are finding it harder to compete. So how can charities thrive? To achieve a greater reward, greater risk must be undertaken. Do existing management teams have commercial awareness? Do they have the right experience and skill-set to mitigate these risks?