This innovative award-winning training employs a combination of cutting-edge simulation, behavioural dynamics and advanced performing gaming theory and brings people within organisations together in a safe and fun environment to solve increasingly complex business problems throughout a day.

Participants are tasked with running and optimising a business following Kolb’s experiential learning cycle.

Using highly sophisticated computing algorithms to simulate company development in accelerated time participants are dynamically learning about improving productivity through interaction.

Real-world scenarios that challenge existing processes and accelerate the resolution of people, process and technology issues.

ROCKET is perfect for bringing people together to align culture, consolidate change and to rapidly commercially upskill teams – what’s more everyone has fun doing it! It’s fast-paced and highly engaging and accelerates meaningful learning that can immediately be actioned back into the workplace.

Some of the many ways we are using ROCKET-remote

  • Remote-working productivity
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Graduate Development
  • Assessment
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Strategic and Cultural Alignment

Or just getting your team’s remote mojo going!