Game Commences

Between 00:00 GMT 23rd November 2020 and 23:59 GMT 15th December 2020. You can play at anytime of day or night.

Your success will be entirely dependent on your ability to work as a team. If you think this is about individual performance, think again. Productivity is a macro-economic term that is misunderstood within individual businesses. It is nearly impossible to measure productivity in an organisation – simply there are too many variables. It is often confused with efficiency. Think instead of productivity as the capacity to make and improve efficiency.

Productivity is creative in its essence. It requires people’s collective ingenuity and brain power. It is a human.

It is just this that allowed human evolution to take place and build the amazing world we live in.  

To win, you will need to work better together than any other team. You will need to improve communications, processes and systems.

Rules: There are no rules… this is up to you.

Good luck!