Corporate Social Responsibility

Games Without Frontiers corporate social responsibility (CSR) is guided by the mission of driving transformational change, for the better, in people, organisations and communities around the globe. 

Human Rights, Gender Equality and Minorities

  • We treat all our staff fairly and ethically. The team is varied in age, gender and minorities and everyone in our organisation has a voice. 

Educating and Empowering Workers

  • All team members are supported in providing education where needed and/or requested. A daily stand-up provides the means to empower team members and make sure their working environment is healthy.
  • Not only workers of GWOF, but also workers of other companies are supported to work better together by training them with our business simulations.

Economic responsibility

  • GWOF delivers training all over the world. The team members are based all over the UK, with a registered office in Edinburgh. 
  • GWOF supports other companies in improving their productivity through simulation training.
  • For the delivery of the ROCKET training services, we have a global network of Delivery Partners from countries including; UK, US, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Netherlands and more. We are striving to take ROCKET to more countries and support them with their own economic success.

Environmental responsibility

  • GWOF is a company with virtual offices and works in a 90% paperless environment. Where possible when travelling to ‘in person’ events and meetings we will travel by public transport.

Philanthropic responsibility

  • GWOF support third sector organisations with improved productivity, better team working and more efficient working practices through access to our training simulations which have been offered at a significant reduction on costs or free of charge.