International Business Learning Games Competition 2019 Finalists!

We are delighted to announce that ROCKET from Games Without Frontiers are finalists in the 2019 International Business Learning Games Competition (IBLGC). We’re looking forward to going to Lisbon in September to take part in the Games Showcase and the Awards Ceremony Dinner! The IBLGC is part of the 4th annual International Conference on Business […]

How to Rock the Leaderboard: an Insight into Loic Le Meur

Title Page Photograph: Loic (Lemur) le Meur, interviewed by Richard Branson Don’t forget to be extraordinary. Loic says so. It’s a tough ordeal, to be a leader. There are expectations, prying eyes and an assumption that deliverables should be set and met.

5 reasons why purpose driven companies are more successful

Do people love to work for ‘Purpose Driven Companies’? Purpose = “an aspirational reason for being which inspires and provides a call to action for an organisation and its partners and stakeholders and provides benefit to local and global society” This week we added our purpose statement to our website. OUR PURPOSE To influence the […]

Is Investing in Digital Transformational Change the Right Course for your Business?

Culture. What does it mean? Why do some companies ‘have it’ and others don’t? What does this mean for Digital Transformation?

Where To Find The Greatest Motivators

Does anyone actually find these so-called “motivational pictures”, well, a motivator? Last week I mentioned Dan Pink (and what motivates us) and then I wondered where you can find great examples of businesses like this. A good a place as any to start was job website Glassdoor’s award for the 50 UK Best Places to Work […]

Introducing Change to an Established Team

Like many young upstarts fresh-faced out of university, my first taste of full time employment was on a rotational graduate scheme. As such a grad, every six months or so you find yourself whisked off to a new team, a new role, new challenges: all good stuff. Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Office Politics

As someone who builds business simulations for a living, I’ve spent 11 years playing games but there’s one game I avoid like the plague, what am I talking about? The Office Politics game! Read more

5 Ways To Really Motivate Your Employees

What follows are not things that I have gleaned from Facebook’s CEO Sheryl Sandberg; the 5 things that really motivate your employees are purely things that have worked for me over the last 30 years. I’ve worked in companies with 1000’s of employees to a small business with 6. Every team and individual has different motivators, I am purely looking at five quick ways to motivate your team. Whether you are a department head, the MD / CEO or even a Senior Partner in a law firm responsible for talent acquisition or general HR, this short list is for you. Read more