Where To Find The Greatest Motivators

Does anyone actually find these so-called “motivational pictures”, well, a motivator? Last week I mentioned Dan Pink (and what motivates us) and then I wondered where you can find great examples of businesses like this. A good a place as any to start was job website Glassdoor’s award for the 50 UK Best Places to Work […]

Motivation Change Dan Pink

What Gets You Out Of Bed In The Morning?

“We want to change but the culture here is just too deeply embedded”. A more traditional approach to tackling the problem of change within an organisation could be some encouraging words from senior management, a selection of PowerPoint slides detailing the company’s new Aims & Objectives or a departmental team building session… which we all […]

Take It Easy On Yourself!

This is a favourite quote of mine by Melinda Gates, “when we invest in women and girls, we invest in the people who invest in everyone else”. Related to this, I came across a blog post written by her a year or so ago which a struck a chord with me. It talked about the […]

How To Be The New McDreamy In Business

An abundance of new research has been undertaken looking into the benefits of neuroscience upon leadership training. AGES Neuroleadership is one technique that suggests science can make leadership stick. How? Well, neuroscientists know how the brain works. Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy proves this. Leaders know how businesses work. But how can learning stay constant? Let’s become […]

Innovation In Business Award Winners

We are delighted to announce that we were the winners of the ‘Innovation in Business’ award at the 2018 Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. The ceremony was held on the 8th February at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, and it was an impressive event that paid homage to the innovators and entrepreneurs who are […]

Newbies in the GWOF Team

Arguably the most important thing anyone can bring to a start-up organisation is a can-do and positive attitude.  Have a look at Wally Kozak’s Eagles and Ducks here for some light relief on a serious point. I love it.

Did You Notice? We Have A New Website!

Exciting news – our new website has now launched. It’s full to the brim with exciting news and customer reviews. Easy access to ROCKET product information and updated team profiles, it’s fresh and new.

Charities in Scotland Drive Commercial Success

With economic uncertainty hitting donations and government and council grants being cut, charities are finding it harder to compete. So how can charities thrive? To achieve a greater reward, greater risk must be undertaken. Do existing management teams have commercial awareness? Do they have the right experience and skill-set to mitigate these risks?

The Key to a Great Agency Partnership is…

Big Data Analysis SME

Don’t Invest In Teamwork – The Answer Is Data Analysis, Isn’t It?

We live in an extraordinary age. Ever since the dawn of mathematics our world has sought to become ever more engineered. In this process, we accept the need to collect more and more data. Data used to be kept in nice little packets. However, security specialists the world over identify that users’ data is now […]