Experiential Learning – What’s That all About?

Stuart Laing is Games Without Frontiers’ resident expert on Experiential Learning and designing simulations. Experiential learning is at the heart of everything we do at Games Without Frontiers.  We work from a simple principle: “…if you want someone else to completely believe in your idea, you must make them believe that it was their own […]

People Transformation

Putting People at the Heart of Transformation

Last year, Tim Dew gave the keynote speech at an HR leader’s conference in Scotland.  The subject was ‘Putting People at the Heart of Business Transformation’. We all know that the people side is the most difficult part of any business change.  This speech will give you some ideas on how to deal with this […]

Productivity: Decision Making

If you can’t make great decisions in your organisation, there’s not much point in getting out of bed. The quality of your decisions are dependent on the quality of your decision makers and their understanding of the whole of the organisation. Hence, investing properly in training them and hiring your team is essential. There’s no […]

The Top 5 Challenges For Learning And Development Professionals

What are your top 5 challenges as a learning and development professional in 2019? After discussion with several L&D Leaders we know, we share some of their priorities.

International Business Learning Games Competition 2019 Finalists!

The IBLGC is part of the 4th annual International Conference on Business Learning Games organised the Business Excellence Institute. It features games submitted from around the world. The conference is in Lisbon on 19th & 20th September 2019 (businesslearninggames.com).  Come along and see us there!

Loic Le Meur Interviewed by Richard Branson

How to Rock the Leaderboard: an Insight into Loic Le Meur

Title Page Photograph: Loic (Lemur) le Meur, interviewed by Richard Branson Don’t forget to be extraordinary. Loic says so. It’s a tough ordeal, to be a leader. There are expectations, prying eyes and an assumption that deliverables should be set and met.

The Secrets To Creating Motivation And Innovation In Your Team

Pay rise? Performance bonus? Put £200 behind the bar on a night out? Possibly. I would argue, however, that these are ‘skin deep’ motivators.

5 reasons why purpose driven companies are more successful

Do people love to work for ‘Purpose Driven Companies’? Purpose = “an aspirational reason for being which inspires and provides a call to action for an organisation and its partners and stakeholders and provides benefit to local and global society” This week we added our purpose statement to our website. OUR PURPOSE To influence the […]

Is Investing in Digital Transformational Change the Right Course for your Business?

Culture. What does it mean? Why do some companies ‘have it’ and others don’t? What does this mean for Digital Transformation?