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Putting People at the Heart of Transformation

Last year, Tim Dew gave the keynote speech at an HR leader’s conference in Scotland.  The subject was ‘Putting People at the Heart of Business Transformation’. We all know that the people side is the most difficult part of any business change.  This speech will give you some ideas on how to deal with this […]

Productivity: Decision Making

If you can’t make great decisions in your organisation, there’s not much point in getting out of bed. The quality of your decisions are dependent on the quality of your decision makers and their understanding of the whole of the organisation. Hence, investing properly in training them and hiring your team is essential. There’s no […]

How A CEO Develops Strategic Goals

CEO’s are hired or start companies invariably because the shareholder that hires them or the shareholder within them wants to make money. A shareholder’s request of any CEO is a simple one: “Show me the money”. That’s where it ends. A CEO must answer this call.