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Newbies in the GWOF Team

Arguably the most important thing anyone can bring to a start-up organisation is a can-do and positive attitude.  Have a look at Wally Kozak’s Eagles and Ducks here for some light relief on a serious point. I love it.

Charities in Scotland Drive Commercial Success

With economic uncertainty hitting donations and government and council grants being cut, charities are finding it harder to compete. So how can charities thrive? To achieve a greater reward, greater risk must be undertaken. Do existing management teams have commercial awareness? Do they have the right experience and skill-set to mitigate these risks?

Management Development: Or, “Fergodssakes, don’t let the kids walk to school!”

Alex Ferguson (image above); “Who is on the pitch and are they capable of getting the ball in the net?” Napoleon was right, we are a nation of shopkeepers. 96.7% of all UK Businesses (and a similar number in the U.S.) turnover less than one million. So, why can’t perfectly good businesses scale up? I […]

The One Thing An HR Director Needs To Know In 2018

Have you read Steven Pinker’s book, The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature? For decades much of the social sciences have subscribed to the theory that the mind is born as a blank slate. Therefore presuming it is without rules for processing data, a structure formed by experience through parenting, environment, socialising and […]

How A CEO Develops Strategic Goals

CEO’s are hired or start companies invariably because the shareholder that hires them or the shareholder within them wants to make money. A shareholder’s request of any CEO is a simple one: “Show me the money”. That’s where it ends. A CEO must answer this call.