Games Without Frontiers (GWOF) are the designers and developers of a breakthrough business simulation platform. We help you drive transformational change using advanced Game Technology and Behavioural Dynamics.

ROCKET, our award-winning first simulation, showcases the accelerated and immersive nature of our approach to transforming behaviours.

This business ‘game’ follows the experiential learning cycle of:

  • Intense Experience – Feeling the problem first hand.
  • Reflective Observation – Thinking about and reviewing the experience
  • Abstract Conceptualisation – Coming up with new ideas based on your experience
  • Active Experimentation – Testing out the ideas in a safe environment

We use the game scenario to repeat the cycle up to four times in a day. This ensures that deep learnings are quickly embedded.  It also intuitively impacts individual productivity and transformational change as participants transfer their learnings back to the real world.

We offer ROCKET as an on-demand cloud application for organisations and trainers who want to offer it to their clients. In addition, we can develop bespoke games on our platform to address your specific business problems.

Our applications are being used for:

  • Commercial up-skilling
  • Business Productivity
  • Leadership Training
  • Graduate Training
  • Client Acquisition & Relationship Building
  • Team Building
  • Assessment & Selection
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Experiential Sales
  • Technology Adoption