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Our purpose

To influence the way we teach, train and learn

In order to better prepare humanity for tomorrow's workplace.

Training Has Changed Forever.

One team.

One challenge.

One day.

The Games

Being put in a room with 14 others, told you are the new team to take over an existing company, is daunting. You have to deal with a lot of facts, fast. You have to learn and assess how other people work and how you can support the group and influence the outcome.

ROCKET is challenging; you will laugh, question, you will make assumptions, maybe even point the finger of blame. One thing is absolutely certain: you will immediately sense parallels in your own business. You will start seeing how you can apply the elements that make your ROCKET team really successful to your world.



As an SME owner, you need to build the quality in your management team so you can reduce the number of sleepless nights.

If you really want to stretch the legs of your management team, ROCKET Scale will bring them together and equip you to build a world-class organisation.





If you're about to make a large investment in a new company, you'll want to know if the team spending your money has got what it takes. ROCKET Assess will tell you.

Set yourself up for success by understanding how risk is essential for value protection and value creation.




ROCKET Graduate

Who are your future leaders? Who are your agents of change? Difficult to tell straight out of university.

ROCKET is a highly flexible platform that can be adapted to deliver large scale change within organisations. You tell us what you need; we'll build it.


ROCKET Enterprise


What is a ROCKET Taster Event?

How did you learn to ride a bike? Did you read a manual or watch your Mum take you through a slide deck… No.

ROCKET business simulation by Games Without Frontiers parachutes you and the assembled team, into an existing business and you run it for the next year’s trade – in a morning.

This short burst of ROCKET will show you what can be achieved in one day. Your emotions will be taken on a rollercoaster. Your head will be bursting with ideas.

ROCKET is transformational – don’t take our word for it, speak to our customers.

Our Happy Customers

You know death by PowerPoint is not the answer.

A unique opportunity to experiment and implement new business strategies within an immersive, fun and safe simulated business environment that revealed how a successful business should be run. ROCKET will bring great value to teams in commercial organisations.

Mark Lawson
Mark Lawson Stuart & Co

ROCKET has provided invaluable insights and reflections into how VWS is run, giving my team the confidence to implement new ideas and strategies in the business almost immediately, in stark contrast to my past failed attempts to engage and empower them.

Graham Wilson
Graham Wilson VWS

ROCKET is so much more than just a fun, team building away day. Although it is certainly fast-paced and completely immersive, a tremendous volume of knowledge is shared and delivered in a concise, well-structured and easily absorbed manner.

Richard Loudon
Richard Loudon Simpson & Marwick

Our Team

A revolution in the way we train, teach and learn.
Tim Dew

Tim Dew

The Big Idea

There's nothing small about Tim. Appetite for vintage Armagnac aside, he had The Big Idea and is entirely focused on the bigger picture. Less involved in daily GWOF, dropping in now and again to impart wisdom/put a spanner in the works. Tim has plans to make the world better using GWOF as a force for good - in business and particularly education.

Stuart Laing

Stuart Laing

Simulation Master

Stuart is a GWOF cornerstone. They say opposites attract and he’s a perfect yin to Tim’s yang. He’s a details man, loves a plan and is all things gaming; from design to delivery. He keeps the team ‘amused’ with his large repertoire of truly awful jokes.

Mike Perrin

Mike Perrin

To Geekery And Beyond

Mike’s manner is no-fuss, get stuff done but always having an awareness of his actions. He shows a passion for people, teams and processes and he applies techniques on each to successfully grow organisations.

Fiona Dew

Fiona Dew

The Office Oracle

Fiona, aka 'the grammar police' likens working for GWOF to living on a small Hebridean island (minus the micro gin distillery). A close knit community, multitasking and each wearing varied 'hats' she is currently working on Grants & Awards and Events. Of course, that is likely to change.

Colin Gilchrist

Colin Gilchrist

Pixie Dust Spreader

The biggest smile and the eternal optimist, Colin is focused on the bigger vision: Ensuring GWOF will impact the world of education and learning. Protective of the team and the impression we make; if you’ve heard of us he’ll have had something to do with it.

Calum Dickson

Calum Dickson

Technical Wizardry

Calum is really bad at writing his bio. In the interests of getting this site online soon, we have had to accept this poor meta-attempt. Thankfully he is a bit better at building technology platforms.

Nadine Pierce

Nadine Pierce

Your New Best Friend

Nadine is our bonne-viveuse around town, she’s well connected and likes to chat, often with a glass of red in her hand. When she’s not on duty she can be found roaming the Scottish countryside with her cocker spaniels in tow.

Alice Loudon

Alice Loudon

Creative Multitasker

A marketing fledgling and apprentice game facilitator (with fewer bad jokes - thankfully), Alice is an early riser, putting in triathlon training before a day spent applying an expert eye to marketing content design. She seems determined to establish a GWOF lunchtime running club - good luck with that!

Shannon Devlin

Shannon Devlin

Group Hugger

Shannon is a newbie to the GWOF community. Currently a student, she’s living the double life. On Planet Earth she’s studying at Edinburgh University, but with Rocket, she’s guiding the community to Outer Space. With the cadets under her wing, she’s managing the ever-growing Rocket community.

Games Without Frontiers

Presents ROCKET

Games Without Frontiers

GWOF are the only people first, business gaming and technology providers in the world creating team experiences for individuals to better accelerate a deeper understanding of how a business succeeds.

We wake every morning looking for new ways to inspire businesses to achieve greater success. We want to open your team's eyes and help them create a better future for your business.

As a start-up we are keen to hear from you in any capacity; we welcome feedback, reviews, hints and tips or anything you think we could benefit from.


Winners of the 2018 Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Innovation in Business Award

Our Values

We do FUN.

We don't walk past.

We don't accept OK.

We put a little bit of magic into everything we do.

We are creative and open-minded.

We are optimists and positive thinkers.

We treat our clients as family.

We put our family and health first.

We entertain, educate and enlighten.