Experience the pressures of running a commercial business in our innovative team simulation.

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“It was like a mini-MBA in a day!”

Harriet Derrick, Lawyer, Scottish Law Society

“Playing the game made me understand the difficulties and decisions our clients have to make every day.”

Max Fullarton, Barclays Corporate Banking

“Rocket is so much more than just a fun, team building away day. Although it is certainly fast-paced and completely immersive, a tremendous volume of knowledge is shared and delivered in a concise, well-structured and easily absorbed manner.”

Richard Loudon, Senior Partner, Simpson & Marwick

ROCKET is transformational – don’t take our word for it

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Rocket is an accelerated learning platform that is authentic and memorable for the right reasons.

43% of traditional training approaches are forgotten within one week. Learn in a morning what would take a year in a classroom.

What is the Rocket simulation?

Rocket is the interactive team simulation where the pressures of running a commercial business are experienced in just a few hours. The applications for this accelerated learning include graduate training, recruitment assessment, commercial up-skilling, enhanced relationship management, leadership development and corporate away-days. With the opportunity to be delivered “as-is”, with your branding, or a completely bespoke version, unique to your business.

6-15 team members are allocated roles across different departments. Each department has written information and a unique (although collectively connected) screens which they must assess, analyse, manage, share and act upon in order to optimise the performance of their company. Over the course of a series of progressive levels they manage cash-flow, ROI, payroll, sales & marketing, production challenges and make key business decisions.

The levels take the team from an appreciation of business basics through to the complexity of scaling. Between each round the team have an opportunity to re-group and work out how to work more efficiently in the next level as they are given more opportunities to assess and problems to manage. Decisions are made under pressure and the team must work together, and with focus, to achieve their goals of improving the performance of the business.

Our Customers

Mark Lawson

A unique opportunity to experiment and implement new business strategies within an immersive, fun and safe simulated business environment that revealed how a successful business should be run. ROCKET will bring great value to teams in commercial organisations.

Mark LawsonStuart & Co
Graham Wilson

ROCKET has provided invaluable insights and reflections into how VWS is run, giving my team the confidence to implement new ideas and strategies in the business almost immediately, in stark contrast to my past failed attempts to engage and empower them.

Graham WilsonVWS
Louise Jamieson

ROCKET is a great tool for recruitment as it shows people’s traits, skills and how they think under pressure.

Louise JamiesonBarclays Corporate Banking